Bulgaria: Food and Drink Prices 2024

Bulgaria is known for its affordable prices when it comes to food and drinks. The cost of living in Bulgaria is generally lower than in many other European countries, and this is reflected in the prices of food and beverages.

Restaurant and Fast Food Prices

Eating out in Bulgaria can be very inexpensive, with a meal at a casual restaurant costing around 10 to 15 leva (about $6 to $9 USD). For three adults with meals and alcoholic drinks we usually pay around 35 to 40 leva (around $20.)

Fast food restaurants and street vendors also offer affordable options, with a meal costing around 5 to 8 leva (about $3 to $5 USD).

Grocery Shopping in Bulgaria

Grocery shopping in Bulgaria can also be very affordable. Basic items such as bread, milk, and eggs can be found for very low prices. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also relatively inexpensive, and can be found at local markets or supermarkets.

Shopping at supermarkets like Kaufland is more expensive than my local market or the farmer’s market Unfortunately, most of the farmer’s markets are not open during the winter, unless they are in a permanent location. Most large cities have them open all year round.

An example of the difference in prices between Kaufland and my local market is the coffee I buy: 1 kg Jacobs coffee at Kaufland is 45 leva. I buy the same from my market for 27 leva.

Items that are expensive everywhere are imported foods that are not popular locally, an example is cereal. Bulgarian don’t eat cereal so one box of cereal is as expensive as it is in the US, one medium box is 8 leva, which is around $4.50 or £3.59.

Here are the prices I paid during my recent trip to the local grocery store during the winter. Veggies are less expensive during late spring, summer and fall seasons.

The current exchange rate: 1 Lev (BGN) is 0.45 GBP, 0.51 EUR, 0.56 USD
Artisanal bread – 1.50 leva
Coffee 1kg.- 27 leva
Olive oil 1 lt. – 17.50 leva
Milk – 3.50 leva
10 Eggs – 4.79 leva
Feta Cheese 800 gr. – 12.40 leva
Butter 250 gr. – 5.79 leva
Apples 1 kg. – 2.56 leva
Frozen trout 3 – 15.94 leva

The local butcher shop

Meat Prices

Unless you shop at supermarkets like Kaufland, Liddle and Metro, the local butcher stores are the best place to get fresh meat at great prices. I try to shop locally as much as I can and to support small businesses.

Chicken whole – 8 leva
Minced Meat (beef and pork) 1 kg- 13 leva
Pork 1 kg – 16 leva

Alcohol Drinks and Cigarette Prices

Alcoholic drinks in Bulgaria can also be found at very reasonable prices. A pint of beer at a local pub or restaurant can cost around 2 to 3 leva (about $1.25 to $1.50 USD).
A pint of beer at the grocery store is 0.50 leva.

Wine and spirits can also be found at affordable prices, with a bottle of local wine costing around 10 to 15 leva (about $6 to $9 USD).
Bottle of Valentines 700 ml – 22.50 leva

Cigarettes are expensive compared to alcohol, one packet of Rothmans is 5.20 leva.

Overall, Bulgaria offers a great value for food and drinks, making it an attractive destination for budget-conscious travelers.

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